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Rem-Kimono!? Special shop in Akihabara for 『Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World』

Our beloved Rem is lost in Akihabara!? The special shop for hit series 『Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World』is coming to Akiba's hobby shop.

REM (レム=恋夢) KIMONO - Special Exhibition

Oami Co., Ltd.'s hobby shop, AmiAmi's 『Akihabara Radio Kaikan Store』will open a special kimono exhibition presenting Rem from 『Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World』

An Ukiyoe-Wood Engraving『Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World・Hundred Girl Views of Fugaku Alternate World (冨嶽異世界少女百景): REM 恋夢』is drawn from the idea of taking Rem, one of the main character of a popular anime series "Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World", being lost in the alternate world of Japan.

The first edition in March 2018 and its' second edition were sold out immediately. As of July 2019 the third edition reprint is being made. In this Ukiyoke, Rem (normally spelled レム) becomes 恋夢 (still pronounced "Rem" but with kanji characters of Love & Dream) that is wearing a kimono made by Kyoto artisans. This is the『REM KIMONO / 恋夢KIMONO』!

At the REM KIMONO commemorative exhibition for『Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World』 Special Shop, the REM KIMONO will be on special display. This will be a great opportunity to directly see and appreciate the Kyoto craftsmanship at the venue.

In addition to exhibiting “REM KIMONO”, the venue will also have many merchandise for 『Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World』, including limited sales items.



Here are the Event Highlights▼

❶ The kimono Rem as 恋夢(Rem) wears will be on display for a limited time.
  October 17th (Thurs.) - October 24th (Thurs.)

❷ REM KIMONO: An incredible artwork reproduced by the hands of Kyoto's craftsmen.

❸ Merchandise including limited edition items for『Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World』are available at the venue.





『Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World・REM KIMONO』

《 Kimono Set 》
Furisode (long-sleeved kimono)・Nagajuban (full-length undergarment)・Obi-jime (decorative string)・Shibori-Obiage (Obi bustle)・Kasane-Eri (Layered Collar)・Kami-kazari (hair ornaments)・Koppori Zori (Japanese Sandals)・Hadagi (Underwear)・Tabi (Japanese socks)・Obi-Makura (Obi Pad)・Koshihimo x3 (Waist Strap)・Date-jime (Fabric Belt)・Maeita (Frontal Obi Pad)・Erishin (Inside Collar)・Kiri-Isho Case (Empress Tree Clothes Case)

・Price: 925,926 Yen(Excluding Tax)
・Delivery Date: Scheduled for March 2020
・Sold by: Kadokawa Store


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