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【YOSHIKIMONO】Tradition x Innovation|YOSHIKI's latest kimono collection!

YOSHIKI of X JAPAN showcased the newest collection of his kimono brand, "YOSHIKIMONO" at the Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO and it's taking the kimono industry by storm!


YOSHIKIMONO, a kimono brand by YOSHIKI from X JAPAN drew people's attention as he opened the stage for one of the largest fashion event, “Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2020 Spring / Summer”.

■ Official video of the opening presentation and YOSHIKI's interview clip is made available at the bottom of this article.

YOSHIKI, who was born and raised as the eldest son of a kimono shop, launched his “YOSHIKIMONO” brand 10 years ago with a strong will to introduce traditional Japanese kimono to the world. On October 2015, he made a full-fledged debut in the Grand Finale of "Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo" and he opened the "Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo" the following year on October 2016.

This show is where he announced his third new collection after a long anticipated wait of 3 years. Furthermore, YOSHIKI awed the audience with his piano performance as the models made their way through the runway, and the 31 original kimonos were lit by an impressive showcase of lasers. The finale was a powerful presentation with a dancer in thousands of red petals drifting in the stage darkness.

Mika Ninagawa, Uno Kanda, Erika Sawajiri, and many famous celebrities from overseas were present at the show.



Songwriter, Bandleader of “X JAPAN” playing piano and drums. He wrote “Anniversary” for the national celebration for the 10th anniversary of His Majesty the emperor’s accession to the throne.

He also wrote theme songs for Japan’s Aichi Expo, Hollywood movies and the Golden Glove Award.

Legendary band X Japan headed by YOSHIKI has sold more than 30million CDs and Tokyo dome(55,000 seating capacity)concert tickets for 18 times so far.

They also hold concerts at Madison Square Garden in 2014, Wembley Arena in 2017 is now renowned as one of the best Asian artist.

Now, he has been working as a executive music producer for Hollywood movie「xXx 4」starring Vin Diesel and also producing many movie music at the same time.



The brand adopts "Fusion of Tradition & Innovation" as its theme while making a conscious choice of what tradition needs preservation and which new ones require integration. While there has been a shadow casting over the future of Japanese kimono culture, YOSHIKIMONO has brought necessary innovation to its design and contributed to the revitalization of kimono industry as a whole.

Additionally, YOSHIKI's unique presentation and innovative wave of trends express the world view of “Silence” and “Motion”, attracting a lot of attention from all over the world.

YOSHIKI's New Collection

KIMONO BIJIN focused on the stunning debut of "anime kimono" along with traditional to modern outfit "dress kimono" and a unique "sustainable kimono" - which all encompasses world trend and YOSHIKI's challenge of redefining the concept of fashion.

In this 3rd collection, a world popular Japanese anime "Attack on Titan" and Stan Lee's collaborative design from 2011 where YOSHIKI is the character model, "Blood Dragon" from Marvel Comics appeared on the kimono.

・YOSHIKI stated that the inclusion of Marvel Comics' design in his collection was in respect and in commemoration of Stan Lee, creator of Marvel, who passed away in 2018.

・The design for "Attack on Titan" became a reality after YOSHIKI produced the opening theme "Red Swan" for the anime's Season 3 opening.

・The sustainable kimono took ecology into consideration and not only was it made without polyester, it used "Aizen (indigo dye)" which does not include any chemical in its process.

Here are the new kimono collection with a design and style that encompasses YOSHIKI's passion▼

Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2020 S/S

“Fashion Week” is literally a festival of fashion held twice a year in cities around the world. The collection presented in the exhibition becomes the defining trend and influence the next fashion season. The show held in Paris, Milan, London, New York and Tokyo are particularly influential and it is collectively known as the "5 Major Fashion Week" - a focal point where information disseminates and history is made.

“Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO” is the defining Fashion Week of Tokyo and 42 brands participated in this collection today. Organized by the Japan Fashion Week Organization (JFWO), held in March and October every year in Shibuya Hikarie, Omotesando Hills, and in various locations in Tokyo, the latest creation from Japan is presented to the world and attracts significant attention each time.

"Using animation on the kimono was a challenge. Whether it be rock, classic or fashion, I hope people received some form of inspiration from today's show. I am always thinking of ways to expand the kimono industry, and today's show impressed me as well. I am still a newcomer in this fashion industry, however, I'd like to receive advice from everyone and continue on with the challenges"

- YOSHIKI's comment after the show

While YOSHIKI strikes a balance between modesty and challenge in his words, KIMONO BIJIN staff members witnessed his strong will as he took each and every process seriously from the early rehearsals to the actual show. Perhaps it is the passionate effort to adventure into the unknown, whether it is righteous or not, that makes his work a true form of art - and in that process, influence the kimono industry.

■ Official video of YOSHIKIMONO 2020 S/S Collection▼


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