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【NEW! POKÉMON GIFT COSMETIC SERIES】Pokémon Stick Cheek & Pokémon Pressed Powder

A new lineup of cosmetic products with cute and popular Pokémon designs are announced in Japan!

Make your skin glow with cute Pokémon design cosmetics♪

Pokémon gift cosmetics series are "joyful to receive" and "joyful to use". Now, a new lineup of products with cute and popular Pokémon designs are announced for 『Pokémon Stick Cheek』 (4 product type) and 『Pokémon Pressed Powder』(4 product type) that are being released subsequently since September 10, 2019 - at variety shops nationwide.


★ 【 Pokémon Stick Cheek with a popping rubber package 】

A non-sticky, cream type stick cheek maintains a smooth and long-lasting feel. It blends an ultra-fine pearl to produce a natural glossy skin.

[ There are 4 colors ]
❶ Milky Pink 〈 Pikachu 〉
❷ Rose Pink 〈 Eevee 〉
❸ Coral Pink〈 Slowpoke 〉
❹ Pearl White〈 Mew 〉

The stick cheek allows you to easily fix your makeup while being outside and its package design has a popping rubber Pokémon. It'll for sure make you want to carry it out more♪

★ 【 For Finish & Touchup, I choose you! Pokémon Pressed Powder 】

The Pressed Powder has an original design and cute puff. Also, the item blends skin-friendly minerals and collagens to achieve a natural finish with smooth skin without any gleam.

4 different types of item that are compact and convenient for carrying around. It's ideal to get your touchup done.

◉ PIKACHU (Pink Type)
Improves chroma and brighten the skin.

◉ EEVEE (Mint Type)
Suppresses redness and making it clear.

◉ SLOWPOKE (Yellow Type)
Covers dull skin and dark circles.

◉ MEW (Purple Type)
Level up you clear skin and its shine.



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