• FEB 3, 2020 21:27

Hands-on Origami Workshop!

Origami Workshop / Language Exchange at the University of Toronto

Let's make origami together!

On January 31st, we had an origami workshop during our language exchange session. Than you to everyone who came! We hope you all had fun learning origami.

What are some of the things that we made?

The origami workshop featured a variety of things to fold:

- crane (つる)
- ninja star (手裏剣)
- kabuto hat (兜)
- little boy (やっこ)

Upcoming Events...

If you are interested in Japanese culture and you find yourself in Toronto, feel free to drop by our events! Stay tuned as you'll see these beautiful origami works at our upcoming winter festival... Further details to come soon!

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こんにちは from the University of Toronto!


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