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mamechiyo modern & Mieko Ueda KIMONO SHOW at Anime North 2019!

Anime North 2019 (Toronto, Canada) will be held on May 24-26, 2019!

KIMONO BIJIN is proud to bring two Japanese artists to this year's Anime North. These amazing artists will put together an enchanting kimono show, give hair/makeup and kimono demonstrations, and more!

Don't miss it!

◉ Mamechiyo
Mamechiyo Inc. CEO|“mamechiyo modern” Founder
Kimono artist / Stylist / Designer

“mamechiyo modern” is spreading kimono as a fashion suitable for modern daily life!

Combining the cute nature of kimono with its legacy as a Japanese tradition, mamechiyo modern creates highly original designs which transcend the boundaries of time, the east and the west.

As the leader of the greatest kimono revival after the Second World War, mamechiyo modern fascinates and inspires not only fashion-conscious young people but enthusiastic fans and connoisseurs across generations.

Additionally, mamechiyo modern has earned numerous achievements in styling, as seen in TV and magazines, etc. They have also participated in designing collaborations, such as costuming for stage productions and special company requests.

mamechiyo modern kimonos were exhibited and added to the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum (London) in 2012 and in 2015 the Van Gogh Museum (Netherlands) requested an official collaboration of design works and other products.

mamechiyo modern kimonos can be seen on the following well-known personalities in the anime and manga, and music world:

★ Musicians and music groups: Arika Takarano (lead vocalist and lyricist for ALI PROJECT), Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, AKB48, Nogizaka46, Keyakizaka46 and petit milady;
★ Fictional idol groups: Aqours (featured in the multimedia project Love Live! Sunshine!!);
★ Anime voice actresses: Aoi Yuuki, Sumire Uesaka, Aya Uchida, Nanaka Suwa and Minako Kotobuki; and
★ Media creators: Mitsurou Kubo, manga artist and co-creator of Yuri on Ice.

Currently, Mamechiyo is producing a multitude of creative photographic works that spread the message of kimono’s beauty and impressive nature throughout the world.

Selected Publications:
- Mamechiyo’s Kimono Modern, Marble Books, Chuokoron-Shinsha, Inc.
- Mamechiyo Kimono à la Mode, Shogakkan

Online Store : http://www.mamechiyo.jp/
Official Site : https://www.mamechiyomodern.com/

◉Mieko Ueda
Beauty Director / Hair&Make-up Aritist
Mieko Ueda STUDIO / MU CO.,LTD. President

After three decades working as a beauty director representing Shiseido Company, Ltd in client advertising, magazine and show production, Mieko Ueda decided to establish her own company MU CO.,LTD. and start working as an independent Beauty Director.

She introduced the segment “Rejuvenating Hair and Make-up Techniques” for the Japan Broadcasting Corporation’s (NHK) Tameshite Gatten and Asaichi.

She was involved in establishing the hair and makeup school, SABFA, operated by Shiseido and has acted as an instructor and mentor for hair and makeup artists - including the top artists representing Japan.

She publishes a variety of creative works both in Japan and throughout the world which adhere to her own unique sensibilities. She has also received much attention in the Netherlands, Paris, Switzerland and London for her projects that fuse eastern and western style to revive the traditions of Japan into the present age.

Additionally, she has served as the chief of hair/makeup for the Rimpa School’s 400th Anniversary Event’s fashion show held in the Kyoto National Museum and for internationally renowned fashion designer, Junko Koshino’s, fashion shows held in Poland, Spain, Russia and Pairs, which were covered on television.

Selected Publications
- Hair Beauty+Fantasy by Mieko Ueda Up-style, Hyakunichisou
- IZANAGI special issue “the Journey of Creation” 40 year anniversary of Mieko Ueda Beauty history Mieko Ueda × Mamechiyo, KAMI no BUNKA SHA
- Master Hair Ironing Techniques, Josei Mode Co., Ltd.

Mieko Ueda's Social Media  

Where can you find mamechiyo modern & Mieko Ueda?
[1] At the KIMONO BIJIN booth in the industry area in the dealers room.
- KIMONO BIJIN with mamechiyo modern × Mieko Ueda -
You can find:
• Super cute photogenic photobooth
• Cute and affordable kimono, handmade accessories, and more!

[2] Kimono Fashion Show
Theme : Princesses in virtual worlds
Day : Saturday, May 25, 2019
Time : about 12:00pm~
Place : Main Stage at Toronto Congress Centre North Building
Kimono Styling: Mamechiyo
Hair Makeup Director: Mieko Ueda
Organizer/Coordinator : KIMONO BIJIN

[3] Guest Panels
Demonstrations and more!
Place : Pinsent Room at Toronto Congress Centre South Building

✤ Hair and Makeup Artistry with Mieko Ueda
Day : Friday, May 24
Time : 6:45pm~7:45pm
Guest : Mamechiyo & Mieko Ueda
Host : Sayumi Hirata (The KIMONO BIJIN’s founder)

✤ Special Panel | Kimono Fashion Show Concept
Day : Saturday, May 25
Time : 4:30pm~6:00pm
Guest : Mamechiyo & Mieko Ueda
Host : Sayumi Hirata (The KIMONO BIJIN’s founder)

✤ mamechiyo modern Kimono Styling
Day : Sunday, May 26
Time : 12:00pm~13:00pm
Guest : Mamechiyo
Host : Sayumi Hirata (The KIMONO BIJIN’s founder)

Do not forget to check this event page to get more info♡

Supported by KIMONO BIJIN

◆ To Photographers/Videographers
If you are interested to come as a photographer/videographer, please apply.

Convention Hours of Anime North

Friday: 5:00 PM - 1:00 AM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 1:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Anime North website

Ticket Info▼

◆◆◆Are you press?◆◆◆
Please apply from this form and come to the fashion show and panels.

Please direct all questions regarding accreditation and/or interview requests to
kimonodiscovery[at]gmail.com  [at]→@

  • mamechiyo modern & Mieko Ueda KIMONO SHOW at Anime North 2019!
  • mamechiyo modern & Mieko Ueda KIMONO SHOW at Anime North 2019!
  • mamechiyo modern & Mieko Ueda KIMONO SHOW at Anime North 2019!

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